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Dimitri Sirenko.jpg


Dimitri is a Canadian artist originally from Ukraine. After pursuing a career in the animation and video game industries for over eight years, Dimitri finally found his way back to the roots of traditional painting. having won numerous competitions and holding a title of 2018 Art Battle National Champion of Canada, he has fully indulged himself in this new chapter of his creative career. Dimitri is best known for his imaginative portraits exploring the elusive soul hidden within a person’s gaze as well as depictions of wildlife. He prefers to work fast which allows him to capture the energy in his paintings and is one of the reasons why he was able to excel at live competitive painting in front of the audience. Dimitri’s art style is influenced by classical and modern impressionism, expressionism and spontaneous realism. His newest project which is still in the making called “Concrete Jungle” focuses primarily on portraying exotic and endangered animals living their lives in big but empty cityscapes. 

See more work from Dimitri also on Instagram @dimitrisirenko and on Facebook @DimitriSirenkoArt

Gary Jensen.jpg


Art and design are an enormous part of Gary's life. Communicating what he sees in his mind and sharing that vision with others is more than just a hobby; it has become a large and fantastic part of his being.   
Gary has an extensive education in design and has dedicated much of his time to Digital painting and drawing. In a push to constantly grow and improve, he studies as many works and techniques as is possible and focuses his energy on multiplying his skill level. It is this hunger for improvement that drives him and makes him an asset to those that work with him. 

Gary is obsessed with painting in both Acrylic and Digital media; and loves drawing in pencil, watercolour , and ink. He is dedicated to finding ways to improve and contribute to the visual world that we are all immersed in.  

Jace Kim.jpg


Jace Junggyu Kim is a Canadian painter currently based in Vancouver, BC. He was born and raised in Korea where he was highly influenced by comic book art until the age of 15. He graduated Emily Carr University of Art and Design with a bachelor’s degree in Media art (animation) with the passion of animator. He worked in various game and motion graphic companies as a digital artist but he made a drastic transition to become a traditional painter. 

Creating the most of the tension between the figurative and the abstract, his expression on canvas arises from the meeting and combination of various artistic materials; oil, acrylic, ink, spray paint and so on. An abstract chaos capable of giving rise to an emotional overlap plays as a background to the purity and refinement of the portraiture depicted with both obsessive and expressive brush strokes. 

He wishes to continuously grow as a contemporary artist with his distinctive ambidextrous style and techniques. His left hand is masculine and expressive opposing to his right that is feminine and articulated. When he uses them simultaneously he becomes most sensitively concentrated within the struggle and harmony of being  in-between. 

Jeremy H.jpg


Working with an array of mixed media methods, JPH's work awakens emotion and expression from the subject. By utilizing intense colours and vibrant passages his pieces emphasize modernity, light and energy. Acrylics, inks and found paper are layered throughout to reveal the inner life of a subject, while heavier opaques sheath surface to the forms. This combination is meant to model the harmony between the outer veneer and the inner life below. 

JP Vega.jpg


Juan Pablo Vega, Born in Venezuela and established in Canada since 2007. Having to leave a country as dangerous as it is beautiful in search for a better future. He has found a new home in Canada where he and his family can grow. 

Artist and Graphic Designer. Based in the Lower Mainland. Exhibiting his artwork in Surrey and commission work in Europe, Australia and the America. Both Digital illustration as well as traditional media projects also creating content on social media. 

Tropical influences, Comics, Fantasy Art, Latin culture and his journey through the advertising industry have an influence on his style and use of colour. 

Storytelling is in the main focus of Juan's work and touch on social themes, sometimes political or simply a representation of his experience with life. Symbolism is also found in his themes with the use of colour or metaphoric representations. 

Currently he is embracing the arts beyond the field of advertising and production design. 

Kristina Kolosova.jpg


Kristina’s interest in art began at an early age of 3 and as her skill progressed so did the importance of art in her life. At the age of 12, she started studying the art of architecture in her home country - Russia. Art and architecture always went hand in hand throughout Kristina’s life. Her inspiration comes from both nature and geometry. She took part in numerous art competitions, shows, and live painting events. Among her list of achievements, Kristina has been an Art Battle finalist in Vancouver, Victoria, Whistler, and Halifax. She is also is a winner of the Golden Brush live painting competition and a double winner of Park’s Edge Paint Off. It is her second time painting at the Canvas of Change. She had numerous exhibitions not only in Vancouver, but also brought her work to San Francisco, Montreal, and New York. Kristina’s goal is to merge the world of art and architecture into one.

Lucy Stainsby.jpg


Lucy’s artistic practice is, in essence, a prayer or meditation; it is a physical manifestation of her search for truth and meaning. 

The interconnectedness of all existence--from the micro to the macro, and our relationships with each other and our environments are the themes that drive her creative curiosity. 

Lucy’s work focuses on subjects of organic form, figures and space and she is fascinated by the effects of both colour and light.

Her intent is to inspire others and continue to be inspired by everything around her.

Madeleine Wynne.jpg


Madeleine Wynne is a painter from Vancouver whose art focuses on whimsical, colourful depictions of everyday landscapes.  She received her Bachelor’s degree in Animation from Emily Carr University in 2014, and now works in TV animation as a Set-Up and Background Artist.

She started painting Live in 2012, when she was chosen to paint a bus at a Transit Convention. Since then she’s been painting at events through the lower mainland, include the Vancouver Art Battle, Harmony Arts Festival, and Parks Edge Paint off.

“I never leave the house without a camera or a box of crayons, both tools that are necessary for capturing the beauty in the landscape surrounding us. My favourite thing about sharing my art is when people tell me ’this reminds me of my Grandma's house' or 'this is just like the library I used to spend hours in as a kid’, because it shows me that even though I had no idea what the house or library looked like, I was able to capture its unique feeling and take people back there”.

Sandra Diaz 1.jpg


Bogota, Colombia. 1986.
BFA in Visual Arts from the Emily Carr University of Art+Design.

Sandra Díaz is an artist/designer living and working in Vancouver, Canada since 2003. Born and raised in a small town north of Bogota, she grew up in the midst of a tumultuous political era in a dense and lively culture. These early years carved in her an interest in social struggles, critical theory and a passion for alternative vehicles of communication, education and creativity. Moving to Canada to pursue her education as an artist, she began to appreciate how being a part of the Colombian diaspora catalyzed the process of defining her identity as a Latin American woman. Her work looks to depict this on-going process of defining an identity, particularly from a female perspective and in response to conceptions of male/female dichotomies. Both in aesthetics and process, she explores the ‘feminine’ and the politics and expectations of her gender in an aim to challenge the value-laden binary opposition. While distinctly feminine, her work carries a spectrum of qualities that range from beautiful to disturbing, from powerful to delicate, from experimental to masterful, from decorative to compelling.

Formal aspects of her work are influenced by illustration, art nouveau, pop surrealism, and portraiture.

Susannah's Profile-May 2019.jpg


Susannah Paranich is a Canadian contemporary artist working in acrylics on canvas and cradled wood panel. Leaning towards abstraction, paintings reflect coastal influences of water, skies, beaches, mountains, forests, nature - sometimes invoking a sense of mystery, spirituality; intuitive painting drawing on the subconscious; including pure abstractions, abstract expressionism. 

Susannah enjoys the excitement, challenge and success of live painting competitions: Art Battle 2015 (won 1st Place Award); AB Regional Championship 2016; AB 2019; Vancouver Art Attack 2015, 2016; Opus Plein Air Challenge 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019; Harmony Arts Festival Plein Air Challenge 2016, 2017; Burnaby Arts Council's Summer Arts Festival's Park's Edge Paint Off 2016, 2017 (won “2017 People's Choice 1st Place Award”), 2018, 2019; Steveston Grand Prix of Art BC 2018; Canvas of Change 2018,

2019. Painting demos, Opus Art Supplies 2017, 2018; ART BEAT at the Harmony Arts Festival street-front demos 2018, 2019.

An award-winning artist, Susannah has exhibited in many solo and group shows; her paintings hang in numerous private and corporate collections. Recently, the artist won 1st Runner-Up Award in the Category of Audience Popularity Awards for her painting Avalanche Country in the 2019 Vancouver Arts Carnival-Splendour of Canada Paintings Exhibition. Susannah is an FCA Active Member.



A dedicated cat lover and a social justice podcast nerd, Yukiko is an illustrator specializing in relatable illustrations that document everyday life. Heavily influenced by manga and pop culture, her style has been described as “a unique balance of whimsy and honesty.” Art is her way to relate to people of all backgrounds and beliefs, transcending language and cultural barriers to create a sense of shared experience. Her media of choice are ink and color pencils on toned kraft paper, though she explores other styles and is constantly building her repertoire of skills. 

She is originally from Ashiya, Japan but spent her childhood bouncing around different parts of Asia: Malaysia, India, Taiwan, and Thailand. She holds a BFA in Illustration from Savannah College of Art and Design, and is currently stationed in Vancouver, Canada.

Artists Profile

Artists Profile