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Online predators put millions of children at risk during COVID-19 pandemic lockdown 
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4 people from Vancouver Island facing human trafficking charges in Saskatchewan
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Video games and online chats are ‘Hunting Grounds’ for sexual predator

Federal government commits $57M for national strategy to combat human trafficking​
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Canada spending $22M to combat 'absolute evil' of online child pornography
Instagram Is Great for Models. It’s Also Good for Predators.
Victims of pimp sue disgraced cop Jim Fisher and the VPD​
Human trafficking is pervasive and largely ignored in Canada​
Maple Ridge youth care worker facing sex assault, child porn charges has decades-long history with children
Two men in B.C. pimping and human trafficking case get lengthy jail terms
Ex-Vancouver cop Jim Fisher loses jail-term appeal for kissing sex-crime victims
B.C. sex-sting operation based on Ontario’s. How effective are they?
VPD arrest 47 men following crack down on sexual exploitation of teens


B.C. man jailed for repeated sexual extortion of girls and women
At list 681 youth are homeless according to Metro Vancouver count
Coquitlam man charged in prostitution, human trafficking operation
Former Vancouver police officer sentenced to jail in sex exploitation case
Criminal record checks aren't enough to spot predators, expert says
Luke Strimbold, ex-B.C. mayor, faces 29 total sex-related charges: prosecutors
Police probe leads to dozens of charges against Red Scorpion, Kang gangsters
Trial Delayed in Alleged Kelowna Pimp Case
Abbotsford Teacher Faces Sex Assault, Exploitation Charges
Child Sex Offender James Cardno Released on Day Parole
Ontario Man Charged with Human Trafficking for the Second Time
Children Rescued from Online Sex Abuse
CraigsList USA Will No Longer Display "Personal" Ads 
Human Trafficking in Canada– House of Commons Committee Launches A National Consultation - News Release
Vancouver man admits to being pimp for 9 victims, mostly girls who were underage (Bannon case)
Danish police charged 1,000 young people with "distribution of child porn"



Edmonton teacher who lured student for sex sentenced to 10 years in prison
Swedish man gets 10 years in prison for raping Canadian girls over the internet

Vancouver Police issues warning: High-risk sex offender with history of targeting kids released into Vancouver



BC man receives first Human Trafficking Conviction

Woman Drugs Roommate Exploits her



Gaming and Online Exploitation

Man accused of targetting young boys gets 9 years