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Parent Toolkit

Designed to educate parents on the issue of sexual exploitation and human trafficking, enabling them to recognize warning signs, safeguard their children against exploitation, and equip them with strategies and tools for managing this issue should it happen to their child.

Instruction Guide

For Parents

Although this toolkit includes many aspects of the exploitation experience, it is not comprehensive. It is not meant to be used in lieu of professional services but as an information resource and guide. Trends and information change and evolve frequently, and each experience is unique. The toolkit can be read in its entirety or by section, as relevant to your experience.

For Service Providers

Please be sure to go through the toolkit prior to using with clients so you are familiar with its contents. 


Information for young people about exploitation risks and how to recognize dangers online and in person.


Access tools and resources on how to keep your children safe from sexual exploitation, and get support from a real person if you need it.

Service Providers

Information for service providers to help them recognize and respond when a young person is at risk of sexual exploitation.

When to Report

Understanding when to report a person or activities when a child is at risk.

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