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game safe

Due to COVID-19, kids are spending more time online than ever. Playing online video games is one of the main ways they spend this time.  Exploiters know this just as well as we do.  So, while the games are fun, and the onscreen characters can seem cute and friendly, the people behind the characters may not be. Our latest campaign (Dangerously Cute, 2021) aims to educate parents and caregivers about the risks of online gaming and give them tools to teach their kids to game more safely. 


Online Class

help Kids stay safe during COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 health crisis, kids are spending more time online then ever. To help them navigate these difficult times,

we encourage caregivers to talk to your child about online risks and safety.



a guide to bystander intervention

Created for our Redefining Masculinity program in collaboration with Reel Youth, our new insightful video is teaching ways young people can speak out against toxic behaviours. The film was designed to be played, paused, and discussed with youth to provide them the tools to intervene in uncomfortable situations. Check it out!

Sexual exploitation and human trafficking are realities in our society. With the advances in technology information is more readily available to Canadians but so too are the opportunities for vulnerable children and youth to be exploited. Below are a few examples of sexual exploitation and human trafficking in the media:


Risky online experiences among 9-12 year olds on the rise

Program Facilitator, Courtney Liem, talks about youth online safety on the Social Justice Canada Network podcast

2021 Trafficking in persons report (U.S. Department of State)

TikTok for parents: How to keep your child safe

Statistics Canada report: Trafficking in persons in Canada, 2019

TikTok Joins the Technology Coalition to Improve its Approaches in Protecting Young Users

Why do we let corporations profit from rape videos?

Winnipeg man facing 22 child exploitation charges including luring

Online sexual exploitation of children on the rise during pandemic

'Be aware,' predators use video game chat to lure kids, Coquitlam parents warned

OPP launches human trafficking research

Calgary man charged with sexually trafficking and exploiting teens

Port Moody cops get funds to combat online child exploitation as B.C. reports rise in luring, grooming

Manitoba investing $900K to stop sexual exploitation of children

Opinion: 'Sugar Daddy' is a new term for the same old oppression

'Be aware,' predators use video game chat to lure kids, Coquitlam parents warned

Online sexual exploitation of children on the rise during pandemic

Q & A: How youth can stay safe as they spend more time online

Ontario's proposed human trafficking legislation could take burden off victims, says crisis counsellor

Fake victim but real consequences for Regina man

Cybertipline 2020: Rise in online enticement and other trends from exploitation stats

Ontario introducing 'first of its kind' anti-human trafficking legislation

Record number: Alberta's Internet Child Exploitation Unit 'swamped' as pandemic pushes kids online

Sask. police say online 'sextortion' involving kids is a 'growing concern'

Twitter in the eye of child abuse storm, but is the EARN IT Act a silver bullet against ogre of sex trafficking?

Sudbury woman facing six charges related to child sexual abuse material

Human Trafficking operation ends with several arrests during Super Bowl week

Former Kelowna pimp released on day parole

Safer Internet Day: Prioritize and protect child well-being online

Amanda Todd’s accused cyberbully extradited to Canada to face charges

The Canadian Parliament’s Hearing Taking on MindGeek Executives

The 2020 UNODC Global Report on Trafficking in Persons

Canadian Centre for Child Exploitation reports 88% spike since pandemic

Halifax man caught with collection of child pornography at work pleads guilty

Frankville, N.S., man charged with child porn offences

Online sexual exploitation reports have increased during COVID-19 pandemic: RCMP

TikTok reveals new privacy settings for kids: What parents should know

Crown admits some allegations of sexual assault by disgraced former Vancouver detective

New rules on removal of illegal online content could help in battle against child pornography

COVID-19: Isolated youth online more than ever, increasing risk of bullying and other cyber crimes


Learn more about youth sex trafficking with ‘Love Bombing 101’​

Boycott call grows after Port Coquitlam mom finds doll in sexy underwear

Sextortion on the rise in Surrey, parents warned of extra risk during pandemic social distancing

Child luring case a wake-up call to Tri-City parents

Pimps denied bail in case involving trafficking of Tri-Cities teen​
Most creative art from Youth Art Engagement Project​
Boys learning how to be men and not jerks​
Public awareness campaign takes aim at toxic masculinity
​Children of the Street shows the signs of toxic masculinity
Global News Morning BC discuss Toxic Stops Here campaign with Hayden Averill
Society launches 'toxic stops here' ad campaign in local bus shelters
Diane Sowden on the Simi Sara Show - Tireless child advocate retiring after 25 years
Diane Sowden to retire from the society formed in 1995 to prevent child sexual exploitation
Group makes link between Halloween costumes and sexual exploitation
Hayden Averill, Program Coordinator, talks to Global News Morning BC about Redefining Manhood
Children of the Street Society Tackles the Bystander Effect
Social Media Campaign Focuses on "Locker Room" Talk
Bannon case and why it's so important on CKNW
CTV News interview Diane Sowden on the case of BC convicted pimp Michael Bannon
Diane Sowden interviews after Bannon is sentenced to 14 years for pimping charges
"Lets put an end to this 'LockerRoom' talk" - conversation with Program Coordinator, Ala'a Founouni
Creativity not exploitation in kids Halloween costumes
MLA Linda Reimer speaking about Children of the Street Society
CKNW interview on Uncertain Terms Campaign
Adweek Coverage of Uncertain Terms Campaign
Justice Canada announces funding for Children of the Street Society

Young Men Charged With PimTeens



Sexy Costumes under fire (The Province)

Chilliwack Group Raises Awareness

Children of the Street Society present in Oliver

Sexting Victoria teen to be charged



14th Annual Stop Sexual Exploitation Week

Protect Children from Online Predators

Student starts Crime Prevention Project




Teen daughter lost to drugs inspired Sowden

Sexual Exploitation and Human Trafficking Workshop draws crowd

Online Sexual Exploitation highlighted in awareness week

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