redefining masculinity

In the wake of the #MeToo movement and increasing reports of sexual assaults on university campuses, the issue of male sexual violence is dominating news headlines. Therefore, this interactive workshop educates male students about sexual boundaries to prevent them from crossing the line.


Addressing the demand side of sexual exploitation is a crucial step towards preventing boys from becoming buyers of illegal sexual services, and it reduces the number of males who groom children and youth into sexually exploitative situations


This is a 60-minute interactive workshop, designed for grades 8 -12 and university students.


Some of the topics covered throughout the workshop include:


  • Sexual abuse as a men’s issue

  • Consent

  • Local sexual abuse statistics

  • University campus sexual assaults

  • The #MeToo movement

  • The issue of “Locker Room” talk

  • The stigma around being a male victim of sexual abuse

  • How pornography and video games can desensitize young men & normalize sexual violence

  • The increased male demand to buy sex

  • What we can do to make a difference/resources for victims

An honorarium of $100 is requested for this workshop. Please contact us if you are not able to meet this request so we can help accommodate.

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