what is sexting?

The act of sending sexual and/or nude photos through a device. In a recent study, only 9% of young females who sexted their partners stated they wanted to send the images in the first place, the other 91% said they felt pressured or coerced.

If the image being shared in sexting is of someone under the age of 18, it is referred to as Child Pornography by law. If you have lost control of an image, the law is on your side. Click HERE for more details.

what is sextortion? 

Sextortion is a form of sexual exploitation where a youth is coerced into sexual favours by using methods such as blackmail. Sextorting boys has increased by 89% over the past two years and continues to increase with females as well.

need help?

If you are concerned about a sexting or sextortion incident, there are confidential resources to help you: