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Here are a list of common terms used around child and youth sexual exploitation and human trafficking:


Boyfriending/Girlfriending - when an exploiter manipulates a youth into thinking they are in a relationship. It's a tactic used by many exploiters to win the trust of the youth.


Cappers - a person who takes screenshots of youth without their consent or knowledge


Gay for Pay - any straight male who performs sexual acts with other men for survival purposes


Grooming - tactics used to prepare a youth for exploitation (ex. gifting, complimenting, etc.)


High Track - a sex trade worker whose cost is more expensive; typically means they are younger


Johns/Janes -  a man (John) or a woman (Jane) who buys sex  


LG/LB - a term used in schools to refer to a "little girl" or "little boy" who is perceived to be promiscuous or a target for exploitation


LG Party - a party where older youth invite younger youth, or "LGs/LBs" to exchange sex acts for popularity, drugs, alcohol, or acceptance


Love Bombing - when an exploiter excessively compliments and shows affection to a youth to gain their love and trust


Low Track - a sex trade worker whose cost per sex act is lower due to appearance, age, addiction, etc.


Luring - when an exploiter tempts and manipulates a youth to meet up


Madame - a female pimp or a woman who manages a brothel


Sexting -  taking and sending explicit pictures, videos, texts and other graphic representations of sexual acts


Sextortion - when exploiters use images and videos to blackmail youth


Stroll - a set area where sex is sold


Sugar Daddy/Momma - an older person who provides a youth with money, necessities and gifts in exchange for sexual acts and for the youth to pose as their lover


Trick - refers to the sex trade worker or could also refer to the customers


Turning a Trick - performing a sexual act (e.g. she turned tricks for money)


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