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Taking Care of Ourselves,
Taking Care of Others

Taking Care of Ourselves, Taking Care of Others (TCO²) is a unique workshop designed and delivered by youth, for youth about preventing sexual exploitation. Using monologues, role-plays and engaging activities, two young adult facilitators involve participants in a meaningful and interactive discussion of what sexual exploitation is, who is involved, and how to prevent it from happening. Following each workshop, TCO² provides a safe space for youth to ask questions and come forward with disclosures about any concerns they have.

Workshop Content

The workshop evolves each year in order to addresses current information on sexual exploitation, including:

  • Definitions of sexual exploitation and human trafficking
  • Warning signs of recruitment and luring
  • The use of technology in exploitation/trafficking
  • Recruitment tactics used by exploiters
  • Links between gangs and exploitation
  • Recognizing healthy relationships both online and in-person
  • Barriers to exiting an exploitative situation
  • Local community resources
  • How to seek help

Facilitators empower youth to think critically by talking to them about current trends related to exploitation and human trafficking.


Workshops are interactive and customized to provide information most relevant to each school or community. Workshops are age appropriate and offered to children and youth ages 10 to 18, including students, alternate programs, community youth groups, and other youth audiences.

For more details on how each workshop is customized, and their learning outcomes, please contact us.

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Contact Neely Yuda at  604-777-7510 or [email protected]

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