what we do


Our mission is to take a proactive approach through public awareness, education and early intervention strategies to prevent the sexual exploitation and human trafficking of children and youth, while offering support to families.



A world where children and youth are safe and free from all forms of sexual exploitation.


our approach

Children of the Street takes a collaborative and comprehensive approach to preventing the sexual exploitation of children and youth. We know that investing in preventative measures means a decrease in the need for intervention and enforcement services, and is cost-effective over the long-term. We offer a variety of preventative programs which engage a diverse range of individuals and groups. Our primary prevention tool is education and awareness workshops – we facilitate over 500 workshops, in approximately 30 B.C. communities, with more than 25,000 participants annually!


what we do

We educate and raise awareness by providing young people with the knowledge and tools to keep themselves and their peers safe. We educate the community to recognize, react, and respond to sexual exploitation, and we strive to change attitudes of those who create the demand for sexual exploitation and trafficking.


We advocate for change by working with all levels of government and community partners for changes in legislation and policies that will help protect young people and prevent further sexual exploitation.


We support youth and families by offering early intervention services to victims, families and service providers who are affected by sexual exploitation and trafficking.