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My background as a commercial pilot, mountaineer, and traveler has allowed me to explore painting from many perspectives. The vast spectrum of subjects and all the different ways of painting them excite me like nothing else! As I go about my daily business, I’m amazed at the profound and simple beauty that surrounds us everywhere. I ask myself daily: how could I paint that?


Honeytta is a Vancouver-based artist who is fascinated with painting. She appreciates art and the way it brings people together, and believes artists have a better chance to make a meaningful social and cultural impact. Honeytta is very much inspired by Vancouver’s natural beauty and its multicultural atmosphere. Her paintings are recognized for their vibrant colours and the use of knife techniques, but she never stops learning and practicing new techniques and styles.


I see painting as a special medium, that allows me to express my ideas, creativity, and emotions. When I am producing art, I feel free with my style, and I am empowered to enjoy the movement of my tools. In choosing my subjects I find inspiration in nature, my surroundings, and everyday life. I am a self-taught artist, based in Vancouver. See more of my work @Bakunziart_1


Working with an array of mixed media methods, JPH’s work awakens emotion and expression from the subject. By utilizing intense colours and vibrant passages his pieces emphasize modernity, light and energy. Acrylics, inks and found paper are layered throughout to reveal the inner life of a subject, while heavier opaques sheath surface to the forms. This combination is meant to model the harmony between the outer veneer and the inner life below. 


Kristina’s interest in art began at an early age of 3 and as her skill progressed so did the importance of art in her life. At the age of 12, she started studying the art of architecture in her home country – Russia. Art and architecture always went hand in hand throughout Kristina’s life. Her inspiration comes from both nature and geometry. She took part in numerous art competitions, shows, and live painting events. Among her list of achievements, Kristina has been an Art Battle finalist in Vancouver, Victoria, Whistler, and Halifax. She is also is a winner of the Golden Brush live painting competition and a double winner of Park’s Edge Paint Off. It is her third time painting at the Canvas of Change. She had numerous exhibitions not only in Vancouver, but also brought her work to San Francisco, Montreal, and New York. Kristina’s goal is to merge the world of art and architecture into one.


What began as a hobby, Louise’s pursuit of mixed media painting has turned into a wonderful career comprised of portrait painting, wildlife painting, and award winning studio work. Louise strives with each piece to infuse it with light and drama so that the usual and non-descript can become unique and thought-provoking. “I see each new painting as a challenge to out-perform my past efforts”.


Lucy is a tattoo artist and intuitive healer based in Vancouver, BC. Her own personal health challenges over the last 5 years have inspired her career which began in the arts, painting and tattooing, to evolve into a unique trauma-informed and intentional experience combining all of her various passions and talents. The intuitive tattoo process involves a personal tarot reading, reiki healing and custom intentional tattoo based on each unique clients experience. 

You can find Lucy on Instagram @ilovelucytattoo or her website at the link above.


Peter grew up in the south of Germany, in the beautiful sleepy village of Volkach surrounded by vineyards and full of dru… happy and relaxed people. Growing up among self-made sausages, wine-fests and these great people makes him a proud Franconian to this day. 
In 2007, after spending a couple of wild and unforgettable years in arguably one of the most fun and trashiest cities anywhere, Berlin, Peter and his significantly better half moved to Vancouver, Canada, leaving good old Europe and good old friends behind to explore some other parts of the world. 
Two of his favorite artists who had a great influence on him are Berlin-based Mateo Dineen and Johan Potma forming, the dynamic duo of Zozoville.  Peter thinks message-free art without purpose, other than to make people smile, is heavily underrated and is looking forward to the day you can go to a museum to have a good time AND some good laughs. 


Rosalie Dipcsu Williams was a member Stat’lmic Nation of Mount Currie, British Columbia, Canada. She has since married John Williams and is now a proud Member of Squamish Nation.  
She was born in 1960, at the Bralorne Mines Hospital. In her early childhood she became separated from her family when her mother Evelyn Peters tragically passed away.  
Rosalie was raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, in the care of the Woods family. When she became of age, she became interested in finding her place of origin and reacquainting herself with her family and background.
She lived in the heart of Vancouver where she gained knowledge and compassion for people from all walks of life. In the process she became aware of her native spirituality, which in turn led her to find her natural ability as a visionary artist.
Rosalie’s concepts and colour theories captivate her viewers; graphics, landscapes and ghost imaging are balanced alongside a retained authenticity to her native culture.
Rosalie’s desire is to share and demonstrate strong initiatives, diligence and thoroughness. Her commissioned and contracted works produce large scale items. Every project is delivered on time and to the highest quality. She believes good business ethics are a must, as is a good sense of humour.


Bogota, Colombia. 1986.
BFA in Visual Arts from the Emily Carr University of Art+Design.

Sandra Díaz is an artist/designer living and working in Vancouver, Canada since 2003. Born and raised in a small town north of Bogota, she grew up in the midst of a tumultuous political era in a dense and lively culture. These early years carved in her an interest in social struggles, critical theory and a passion for alternative vehicles of communication, education and creativity. Moving to Canada to pursue her education as an artist, she began to appreciate how being a part of the Colombian diaspora catalyzed the process of defining her identity as a Latin American woman. Her work looks to depict this on-going process of defining an identity, particularly from a female perspective and in response to conceptions of male/female dichotomies. Both in aesthetics and process, she explores the ‘feminine’ and the politics and expectations of her gender in an aim to challenge the value-laden binary opposition. While distinctly feminine, her work carries a spectrum of qualities that range from beautiful to disturbing, from powerful to delicate, from experimental to masterful, from decorative to compelling.

Formal aspects of her work are influenced by illustration, art nouveau, pop surrealism, and portraiture.


Yukiko is an illustrator specializing in relatable illustrations that capture everyday life. Most recently she gained attention on Instagram (@YukikoDraws) for documenting her pregnancy and postpartum journey in the midst of the pandemic — connecting with many isolated new parents around the world.
Heavily influenced by manga and pop culture, her style has been described as “a unique balance of whimsy and honesty.” Art is her way to relate to people of all backgrounds and beliefs, transcending language and cultural barriers to create a sense of shared experience. Her media of choice are ink and color pencils on toned kraft paper, though she explores other styles and is constantly building her repertoire of skills.

She is originally from Ashiya, Japan but spent her childhood bouncing around different parts of Asia: Malaysia, India, Taiwan, and Thailand. She holds a BFA in Illustration from Savannah College of Art and Design, and is currently stationed in Vancouver, Canada. 

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