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Corporate Giving

Your company’s support means we can continue offering our programs for free, which minimizes barriers for all types of children, youth and families to access our services.

Donate directly

In recent years, consumers have become more socially aware and are now preferring to buy products and use services that have a strong social responsibility. Long-term corporate partnerships not only puts your company in a positive light, but it also helps to sustain our programs and services that reach over 25,000 BC children and youth every year.

Workplace campaigns

Another innovative way to support Children of the Street through your company is by donating to workplace campaigns such as United Way, the Provincial Employees Community Service Fund (PECFS) or by providing our charitable number to your company’s charity drive.

Proceeds program

A simple way for your company to give is by donating a portion of your profit from products and/or services to support our work. For example, you can advise your customers that $2 from every sale would go towards Children of the Street.

Change box donations

Involve your customers in giving to a charity your company believes in by placing our change boxes or awareness items (fuchsia bracelets, ribbons and/or daisies) next to your checkout counters. We can provide you with all the materials and information needed to deliver a successful campaign.

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