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Rosalie Dipcsu Williams

Rosalie Dipcsu Williams was a member Stat’lmic Nation of Mount Currie, British Columbia, Canada. She has since married John Williams and is now a proud Member of Squamish Nation.

She was born in 1960, at the Bralorne Mines Hospital. In her early childhood she became separated from her family when her mother Evelyn Peters tragically passed away.

Rosalie was raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, in the care of the Woods family. When she became of age, she became interested in finding her place of origin and reacquainting herself with her family and background.

She lived in the heart of Vancouver where she gained knowledge and compassion for people from all walks of life. In the process she became aware of her native spirituality, which in turn led her to find her natural ability as a visionary artist.

Rosalie’s concepts and colour theories captivate her viewers; graphics, landscapes and ghost imaging are balanced alongside a retained authenticity to her native culture.

Rosalie’s desire is to share and demonstrate strong initiatives, diligence and thoroughness. Her commissioned and contracted works produce large scale items. Every project is delivered on time and to the highest quality. She believes good business ethics are a must, as is a good sense of humour.

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