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Virtual Art Gallery

Each year, we host a youth art gallery celebration where community, family and peers come together to celebrate the youth’s artworks. Each artist has included an artist statement with their artwork below.


My art piece is about victims, showing that anyone can be a victim of sexual assault, sexual violence, etc., regardless of the stereotypes. Regardless of your gender, age, height, weight, body type, appearance, what you’re wearing, etc., anyone can be a victim. I used model magic Crayola air dry clay, acrylic paint, white gesso paint and canvas.


Exploitation needs to stop. This painting shows how exploitation works and how to get out.


This piece represents the struggles of individuals suffering sexual violence and how their memory will live on. It is made from embroidered flowers and a Styrofoam head, acrylic paint and yarn.




This piece represents the ways in which sexual assault victims are silenced, scared and afraid to speak out, and chained down by what happened.

It is made from Acrylic paint and felt on a wood canvas.



This piece represents a woman being sold for her body, sexualized, and abused.

This piece includes a wood pedestal painted with black acrylic paint, a broken Monster High Doll, tape, and rope.


Lizzy and Ka’Liyah

Keep your hands off of women.




There are only so many days left. The girl in this drawing slowly feels like her life is wasting away.


In this art project, it shows how it can affect someone after they have been exploited using substances.

Lizzy and Ka’Liyah

Women feel trapped and harmed by men. They are kept in a box for men to look at like zoo animals. We are up for display.


This piece represents toxic masculinity, the way that men (and myself) cannot represent how I feel because of societal standards.

I used a Styrofoam head, duct tape, and markers.



I’m using ‘apple’ as a way of representing a person. “Apple of their eye” is a phrase meaning that you are being watched closely by that person, usually in a loving and sweet way. Most exploiters will treat you nicely and manipulate you into thinking you are loved and truly important to them. Then there is a change, small or big, Exploiters start revealing their true selves and hurt you. They take away the innocence of a youth’s life.


Being sexually exploited makes you feel like you are tied up, unable to move out of the situation, like you’re drowning and unable to breathe and you also feel like everyone is watching and you can’t escape.In my piece, I used a doll representing someone in the sexual exploitation situation, I used duct table to tie up the doll representing feeling tied up, I used melted crayon wax to represent the water the doll is drowning in and lastly, I drew eyes to represent “All eyes on me.”



I chose to do an art piece about sexual assault because I too am a survivor and I thought it was about time we recognize the survivors in our lives.

There are survivors all around us. People you care about that you never knew were suffering in silence, let them know you’re listening, that their stories matter, that you’re there for them. It’s time for you to know the survivors in your life.

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