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Redefining Masculinity

This 60 minute interactive workshop educates students in grades 8-12 about the harms of toxic masculinity, ways to ask for consent, and offers some tips about how to be an active bystander.

Workshop Content

Some of the topics covered throughout the workshop include:

  • Sexual violence
  • Sexual assault can happen to anyone
  • The harms of toxic masculinity
  • Victim blaming
  • Consent
  • What we can do to make a difference
  • Resources for survivors


Workshops are interactive and customized to provide information most relevant to each school or community. Workshops are age appropriate and offered to including students in grades 8-12, alternate programs, community youth groups, and other youth audiences.

For more details on how each workshop is customized, and their learning outcomes, please contact us.

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Contact Neely Yuda at 604-777-7510 or [email protected]

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