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2021 Youth Art Gallery

Social justice art is art with a message. The idea behind this art form is to make the audience more aware of an issue and, ideally, react in a way that motivates them to either learn more or become mobilized in a positive effort towards the message behind the art.


My idea was inspired by the lost children from the Kamloops Indian Residential School. Making this art piece was means that those children wouldn’t be forgotten. Canada’s traffic lost. My grandma was a survivor, taken as a child in Cold Lake, Alberta. She wanted to give me a good childhood when I spent time with her and I didn’t know why she treated me in some ways till I do now. I was her baby and she never could have wanted me the way they treated her. So I made this piece in honor of the children.


This piece is about feeling trapped by an exploiter, not physically but mentally.


This piece is about how normal violence against woman is in the media.


This piece represents how if you break someone down they’ll never be the same.


For the head, the idea was that a victim of abuse or trafficking has the feelings of shame and sadness, an overtaking represented by the black taking over the color. This represents who the person is. They are unhappy with different feelings and emotions, with friends and family, but it’s being taken away by the overwhelming feeling of guilt, shame, sadness and many others, turning them into almost a different person.


No artist statement


For the Splatter, I was thinking that the white canvas represents how one may feel as a victim, while the red shows them trying to talk about their feelings, or reach for help. Also showing others pieces of themselves, but ultimately no one is listening. Everything seems empty and void represented by the white.


You guys mentioned assault, abuse and so reminded me of emotional abuse. So I made a piece about it.

“Even tho

it’s foggy there is


Beware of how dark emotional abuse is

Don’t accept negativity.”


My piece resembles someone in the middle of being exploited. The colors could be what the figures see, how they are feeling, or their personalities depending on how it’s viewed. With the typical combination of blue signaling “good” and red being “bad”. The blue and red are the same brightness and size, so one doesn’t jump out more. The figures are the same size and androgynous, so it could be anyone. The exploiter is in a neutral pose and casually holding the invisible string to not be obvious, the exploited is reaching towards something they see in a relaxed pose not able to feel the string or trap.

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